Help A Friend! Be An Ally Rather Than Just A Bystander

A bystander is someone who witnesses an interaction between individuals, one where someone is being abusive, either verbally, physically or emotionally. A bystander may or may not know what to do. Bystanders can choose to be part of the problem OR part of the solution. Doing nothing is being part of the problem.

Make a difference, be a part of the solution, stand up against violence against women and girls.

• Make it clear to others that you won’t be involved in abusive behavior.
• Never stand by and watch or encourage someone to say or act in an abusive way toward women and girls.
• Stand up to support a women or girl who is being abused. A way you could do this safely would be to offer to go with them to a place they can get help.*
• Report abusive and violent behavior to a trusted adult such as a teacher, a school counselor, a parent, or a manager at your job.
• If you think that someone is in danger report it to a trusted adult and/or the police.
• If the abuse is happening on a social media site such as Facebook, report it to the site and/or a trusted adult.
• Never harass, say negative things, or gossip about women and girls including on social media sites.
• Never forward or respond to messages and jokes that make fun of women and girls.